Panther Partners Mentor Program

“A child will soon forget the “presents” you give them,
but they’ll never forget your presence in their life.”

In the fall of 2007 the Panther Partners Mentor Program was established at Forsyth Elementary School, pairing 20 volunteers from Community Presbyterian Church and United Methodist church with first graders.  Each mentor spends 30 minutes a week at the school with one child who can benefit from a long-term, positive adult roll model in his or her life.  Relationships are established through playing games, working puzzles, reading books or eating lunch together.  Games and books are available in the meeting room provided at school.

Our goal is for current mentors to continue with the same child as he or she advances to the next grade.  Hopefully there will be 20 new volunteers each fall to mentor the incoming 1st graders.

Since a number of our mentors travel during the year, while we’re gone we try to make every effort to send postcards to the child we mentor.  Upon our return, we share our adventures and pictures with the child.  So, your travel shouldn’t be a barrier to being a mentor.

Training will be provided to mentors in late August or early September.  Please pray about how you can be a part of this great opportunity to show God’s love for the children of Forsyth and, in turn, have a rewarding experience.

If you have any questions about being a mentor, please call Jeanne Legge at 417-546-3255 or talk with one of the other mentors to get some feedback about their experiences.

Won’t you help make a difference in the life of a child?


Fifteen new mentors received training on September 9th and have been paired with 1st graders at Forsyth Elementary School.  With 39 returning mentors, a total of 54 mentors will be having a positive impact on a child’s life this year.  Many thanks to the congregation of Community Presbyterian for providing 19 mentors this year–that’s quite amazing for our small church!  There are 6 other churches working together this year in the Panther Partners Mentor Program: United Methodist–3, First Baptist–14, Forsyth Christian–2, Our Lady of the Ozarks Catholic–5, Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran–2, and Branson East Seventh Day Adventist–1.  May God bless each one as they devote their time to their special child.

There are 8 returning mentors who began mentoring first graders in 2007 and are continuing to mentor.  But we’re now mentoring 4th graders!

Due to a donation last winter in memory of Mike Craig, we were able to provide t-shirts and mugs to all the mentors.  The school had placed a banner outside the room where we meet with the children and this became the logo for our shirts, which sums the program up in 10 words: 1 Student + 1 Mentor=2 Lives, Changed Forever.

A representative from each church, in addition to the members from our congregation (Gretchen Keith, Pat Seals, Pastor Dennis, and Jeanne Legge), serve on the Coordinating Committee and volunteer to prepare and serve the new mentor training dinner in September, the Celebration dinner in May, and help with the Kick-off event at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club in September.  Mentors currently volunteering from Community Presbyterian are: Nancy Brush, Dr. Reed & Lee Click, Betty Fick-Cavner, C.J. Gailey, Barbara Graham, Vera Hardin, Grace Craig, Jim Johnson, Jack Kinkade, Doreen Kuhlmann, Ed & Jeanne Legge, Becky Roberts, David & Pat Seals, Sue Steels, Cindy Werner, and Ian Witt.

A group of new mentors in training.Jeanne Legge, coordinator of the Mentor program