Our Mission statement:
Come share God’s inspiring love through the nurturing of this caring community, as we enrich living traditions with the “Good News” of Christ.

We believe in…

The Trinity, one God, known to us in three persons or relationships.

The Bible as the inspired Word of God.

Jesus Christ, God’s only son, fully human and fully divine.

The Holy Spirit as God’s Spirit of Truth and the believer’s guide.

Salvation by Grace through Faith, and our need to respond with new lives pleasing in His sight.

Our new birth and everlasting life in Christ, continuing His Mission and Ministries.

The Priesthood of All Believers, each Christian gifted and empowered for ministry by the Holy Spirit.

The power and privilege of Prayer as direct communion with God.

A growing, active, committed fellowship of Christians seeking to give their lives daily to their Lord.

The promise that Christ shall return to judge the world, and to receive His followers home.