Sunday Devotion March 2, 2014 Transfiguration of the Lord

Sunday, March 02, 2014 – Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday

Once again this year, I find myself staying home instead of going to the church on Sunday morning. We’re under a winter storm warning and some rain/ice came last night and we’re expecting more throughout morning and into the afternoon. Since several of the major storms this year have come on a Sunday, I’m trying to figure out what God is trying to tell us?

This I do know, we can worship God from the comfort of our homes, as well as in the midst of the congregation.

So, today I invite you to worship with me. We’ll begin with Psalm 99 as our call to worship.

What I hear in this Psalm is Holy is the Lord. Three times in this Psalm we hear those words, brings to mind what was to be our opening hymn of worship – Holy, Holy, Holy.

Hymn – Holy, Holy, Holy –

If we were together in worship, we’d now turn to our time of confession of our sins, our brokenness. On this Transfiguration Sunday of the Lord, it’s more than appropriate to do so. As God’s bright light shines upon us, we sense our brokenness and our need for God’s forgiveness and healing touch.

Join me in what was to be our prayer of confession.

O God, how many times do we miss You? We long to see Your face, to know that You are with us, and yet, we don’t even recognize You. God, we confess our distraction, our self-absorption, our cynicism. You have not left us, You are not far off; we just need to open our eyes and see You, for You are everywhere and always right beside us. Thank You for this reminder today. Help us to stop and look around, to be still and listen. For only when we take the time to watch and hear, will we be able to know that we have encountered You.

Hear now our own prayers of confession.

Silent prayer of confession

Assurance of Pardon

God’s mercy and grace are sure. Believe the good news. In Jesus Christ we are forgiven!
Alleluia! Amen.

In our readings, let’s now turn to the Old Testament and the New to hear God’s word to us.

Exodus 24:12-18 –

Matthew 17:1-9 –


2 Peter 1:16-21 –

The sermon today was to be: Seeing God’s Presence

This isn’t the full text of my sermon for today but here are some of the thoughts I’d have shared and now share with us.

God’s desire is to reveal His very self to us. God has done this throughout history. He did this with Moses. He did it with Peter, James and John and I believe he does it with us even today. God’s full glory and majesty was revealed through His Son, Jesus the Christ and as we look upon Him and His works we will see the majestic love God has for us.

Here are times God has revealed Himself unto me. In the mountains of Colorado and the many stars at night I sensed how God had created all that is. As people have shared how God has touched their life, I have sensed how God is not a distant God but a personal God who truly does love each of us. When Mackenzie was about 2, I sensed how she sensed God’s holy presence as a child can do. She sensed that Jesus was with her. She’d even let Jesus get on her swing and she’d push him. I hope she never loses that sense of God’s holy presence.

When have you sensed God’s holiness and majesty? How has that impacted your life, your love of God?

One of my hopes and prayers is that people can see God’s light and love in me, in us as we share God’s love in word and deed.

As God showed his presence unto Moses, unto Peter, James and John, so may God reveal his light and his love unto us this day. Amen.

The closing hymn today was to be one of Barbara Graham’s favorite hymns; Sunshine in My Soul.

It is my hope and prayer that on this gloomy, cold, first Sunday of March God’s light might break through and warm our very souls.

May God’s blessings be upon us and watch over us and keep us. Amen.

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