Daily Devotion Saturday, August 10

Saturday, August 10, 2013 – Psalm 26; 2 Samuel 12:15-31; Acts 20:1-16 and Mark 9:30-41

Psalm 26 – Vindicate me, O Lord,
    for I have walked in my integrity,
    and I have trusted in the Lord without wavering.
Prove me, O Lord, and try me;
    test my heart and mind.
For your steadfast love is before my eyes,
    and I walk in faithfulness to you.

This morning I find myself asking; “what would it look like to walk in my integrity before the Lord?”

I have my answer, wondering how you would answer this question. I do think this is something good to think about, because it becomes a life issue.

I’ll send out my answer to my question tomorrow morning. Until then, I’m looking forward to hearing your answer. Let me know if it’d be okay to share your answer with others.

O Lord, help us identify what it means to walk with integrity before you. Then may we seek to do as you lead us to do. Amen.

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