Devotion Day 75 – Through the Bible in 90 Days

Day 75 – Luke 20:20 – John 5:47

As we begin our reading of the Gospel of John, what has jumped out at me is the phrase; “come and see”.

We first hear it when Jesus invites two of John’s disciples to come and see. (1:39) Then again when Philip went to tell his brother Nathanael about Jesus, he says unto him; “Come and see.” (1:46) Then we once again hear it when the Samaritan women goes into her village to tell others about Jesus. She says; Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?” (429).

What I noticed in each of these instances is that Jesus touched one life, who then went and told what he had done. So, expanded the number of those who followed and came to believe in Jesus.

When we did the “Unbinding the Gospel” study at Community Presbyterian what stood out to me is that the author invited us, encouraged us to know how Jesus had touched our life and be willing to share that with others. It was relational evangelism she was inviting us to do. This is exactly what the first followers of Jesus did. They had been encountered with the love of God given through Jesus and then went and told another or others.

Today, examine your story as to what Jesus has done for and with you. Then be willing to share it with another, whom you can then invite to come and see how Jesus can touch them.

O God, thanks for sending your Son who was sent not to condemn the world but that the world might be saved through him. Amen.

Next reading Day 76 – John 6:1 – 15:17

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