Devotion Day 63 - Through the Bible in 90 Days

Day 63: Ezekiel 47:13 – Daniel 8:27 (I’ll be reading all of Daniel as I want to read it in one setting.)

In Daniel I always enjoy hearing the stories of Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego (really –Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah) being protected by the angel of God in the furnace that was seven times hotter than normal. See Daniel 3. Then also the story of how God protected Daniel when he was thrown in the lion’s den. (Daniel 6) In each case they were protected because they refused to bow down and worship the ruler of all the lands or foreign gods, they only worshiped God.

From Daniel 7 on we have Daniels visions of what will occur at the end of all time. I don’t look at passages like this as road maps as to what will actually occur, but as the sign that no matter what takes place in this life; God will be victorious in the end.

Here is a phrase that I’m going to write upon my heart and sink deep into my soul it comes from Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9.
“We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy.” (Daniel 9:18b)
Friends we can take our requests to God not because we are righteous, but because of the great mercy God has for us.

Once in a while I’ll play the game with Mackenzie trying to see who loves the other more. She’ll say, “I love you, grandpa.” (that always melts my heart.) and then I’ll say; “I love you more”, then she’ll say; “I love you more” and hold out her arms, then “I’ll say I love you more” and hold out my arms; then it will end with her saying “I love you mostest.”

Bottom line my friends is God loves us mostest and that is just the way it will always be. (I know mostest is not a word, so it should be MOST, but when Mackenzie says it, it sounds wonderful.) Thanks be to God for his love and mercy shown unto us.

O God, knowing you have been and will be victorious over all gives me great comfort. For at times things in this life really bother me and cause me to have great fear. But I need not fear anything or anyone for you are the all-powerful one and the one who will be victorious over all sin and evil. O God, may I place my whole faith and trust in thee and seek to worship thee as long as I have life. Amen.

Next Reading Bible in 90 Days – Day 64 – Daniel 9:1 – Hosea 13:6 (I’ll be reading all of Hosea and doing my devotional on it.)

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