Devotion Day 57 - Through the Bible in 90 days

Day 57; Jeremiah 33:23 – 47:7 – What stands out to me from today’s reading is that even the remnant left in Israel believed it was better to follow their ways than God’s ways. They had even asked Jeremiah to pray unto the Lord and seek the Lord’s will. Jeremiah did and in essence God said, follow my will and live, follow your ways and die. They chose to follow their ways, fleeing to Egypt against the Lord’s will. You can read about all this in chapters 42 – 44.

Why is it that we always think we know best. I can even remembering doing this with my parents. I can look back and see many things my parents told me and because I followed their wishes really have benefited me. My dad encouraged me to take typing in Jr. High. I did and each and every day I still use what I learned. Don’t know if they still teach keyboard techniques in school, but they should have a class on texting short-cuts for those of us now trying to figure out how to text on our cell phones. Similar techniques, but much smaller keyboard. My parents also taught me the importance of investing. Wish I’d followed my dad’s instructions of investing some at least quarterly. Guess I have done this as the church does put some of my monthly wages away in a 403B investment (similar to a 401K).  But I also remember many things they taught me that I failed to follow and wish I had.

Today, I encourage us all to choose life – choose following God’s ways; loving God and loving our neighbor for these lead to new life. Listen and obey, God.

O Lord, I know I have often chosen to follow my ways and the ways of the world instead of your ways. Forgive me and thanks for guiding me back to your holy ways. As we as a nation prepare for election day across our land, may your guiding hands be upon us all as we vote on who should be president, senators, representatives, state and county officials. May your will be done and may those elected seek to listen to you as they work for us the people and you as Lord and God. Amen.

Next Readings – Day 58 – Jeremiah 48:1 – Lamentations 1:22 (I’ll probably save the beginning of Lamentations for tomorrow, so I can read all of it in one setting.)

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