Devotion Day 54 - through the Bible in 90 days

Day 54 – Isaiah 66:19 – Jeremiah 10:13 –

First off I want to look at Jeremiah’s call to be a prophet. See Jeremiah 1. He’s called during the 13th year of Josiah’s reign as king. Josiah was the last of the good; in fact he was a great King of Judah. All the others who followed him as you might remember were bad kings who brought Judah down, just like Israel’s bad kings had done. Josiah was young, 8 years old when he began his reign as king. Jeremiah is young also. This shows how God can use us regardless of our age. Maybe here in the USA we need to look at lowering the age qualification to be president.

Jeremiah was hesitant to serve, but God put his words within Jeremiah. It was God who gave Jeremiah the gifts to be a great prophet to God’s people. Through Jeremiah God would proclaim words they didn’t want to hear, but words they needed to hear and follow. Even though they didn’t hear, nor follow. This is what lead to their downfall.

When God calls us to do something, we often think; “Not I Lord. I don’t have the necessary gifts. But Joe/Sally does, call them.” But God looks at more than the gifts we have. God looks at our heart and how he can use us. So next time God calls you to do something, know that God will give you the necessary gifts and tools to carry out God’s calling. Trust in God and accept his call to you.

At many points in Jeremiah we hear of God’s anguish and frustration with his people. Here is one example of this.

25 Do not run until your feet are bare
and your throat is dry.
But you said, ‘It’s no use!
I love foreign gods,
and I must go after them.’
(Jeremiah 2:25)

When working with someone who has an addiction, I often here this; “It’s no use! I love ______ and are drawn to it. Even though I know it is bad for me I can’t resist it.” It could be drugs, alcohol, buying things just to buy things, watching television just to kill the time, or many, many other addictions. The kings and people of Judah and Israel were drawn to put their trust and faith in foreign gods and idols, even though God had shown his power to save them and give them life. And throughout Jeremiah we are going to hear of God judging his people, yet still longing for them to repent and love and believe in Him.

What are your addiction(s)? Mine, since I was a young child, has been watching television, just to watch television. I remember lying in the room with the television and watching it. Mom often saying I was too close to the screen or telling me to turn it off and go outside to play. It’s wise to limit the amount of time the television is on and strive to watch things you want to watch, not just watch for the sake of watching. Reading the Bible in 90 days has helped me change my ways. Now if I don’t have the reading done before evening, I’ll read in the evening so I don’t get behind.

So today I leave us all with two questions.

The first, what is God calling you to? Is it to share his love with another person whom you know? Is it to do something special with in the life of your church – teach Sunday School: adult, youth or children? Or help care for someone who needs some special care? Listen for God’s still calm voice calling you to serve him.

Secondly, what are you addicted to? Face your addiction for they only take from life, even though we believe they give us life. So, face your addition and seek to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

O God, help us all hear your call for us to serve you and help us all face our additions so we can turn from them and turn to you. Amen.

Next reading: Day 55 – Jeremiah 10:14 – 23:8

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