Devotion Day 52 – through the Bible in 90 days

Day 52 – Isaiah 41:19 – 52:12 – In our readings today, we hear of the servant of the Lord. Isaiah 42:1-9 seems to be a pretty good description of what God would accomplish through the sending of his Son, Jesus the Christ. He was the one God had chosen and he has become for us, gentiles, our salvation. That chapter then goes on with a song of praise; something we can do in response to all God has and is doing.

In 43:10 & 11 we then hear; “You are my witnesses” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, nor will there be one after me. I, even, I am the Lord, and apart from me there is no savior.” Thanks be to God for God’s faithfulness, especially in light of our unfaithfulness. Did you also pick up on the fact that Jesus is the servant whom God has chosen, but then so are we for we are God’s servant – God’s witnesses, but yet also God’s servant.

We’re then encouraged to; “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:18 – 19a). We now dwell in the midst of God’s new thing. We now dwell with His Son being Lord and Savior.

In Isaiah 44:6 – 8 we are once again called to be God’s witnesses.

“This is what the Lord says—
Israel’s King and Redeemer, the Lord Almighty:
I am the first and I am the last;
apart from me there is no God.
Who then is like me? Let him proclaim it.
Let him declare and lay out before me
what has happened since I established my ancient people,
and what is yet to come—
yes, let him foretell what will come.
Do not tremble, do not be afraid.
Did I not proclaim this and foretell it long ago?
You are my witnesses. Is there any God besides me?
No, there is no other Rock; I know not one.”

Friends, God is the God: who was, who is and who will always be. It is God who has established all the earth and it is God who has made his everlasting covenants with his people. God is God, there is no other. All others are mere idols. May we believe and trust in God, and God alone.

O Lord, raise us up to be good witnesses for you. We give thanks for your chosen servant, Jesus the Christ, who has ushered in the new covenant under which we live and serve thee. May we be faithful unto you, as you have been faithful unto us. Amen.

Next reading: Day 53 – Isaiah 52:13 – 66:18 (Isaiah ends with chapter 66, so I’ll be finishing Isaiah tomorrow.)

My uncle asked me how I came up with the chapters and verses for the daily readings. They come from the curriculum for the 90 days through the Bible. The layman who came up with this program uses a New International Version of the Bible and lays out basically 14 pages of reading per day. So, he’ll end and begin a day’s reading at the end of one page, and then begin on the next.

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