Devotion Day 25 – Through the Bible in 90 days

Day 25 – 1st Kings 7:38 – 16:20 – Well today we hear of Solomon’s rise and fall as king. He had been given wisdom and called to follow in God’s ways as his father David had done. And if he’d done this his kingdom would remain intact and his sons would continue to rule upon his throne. Problem was, Solomon must have enjoyed collecting wives for he had 700 hundred wives of royal birth and 300 concubines. That was one problem, the other was that he set up temples for all the gods of his wives and along with them worshiped them. This would be his downfall. The kingdom would be divided and his sons would only sit upon the throne of Judah and Benjamin. Jerusalem, God’s chosen city, would remain under his reign but the other ten tribes would become Israel. His sons would reign over the southern kingdom (Judah) and other kings would rule over Israel and there would be continual conflict between the two.

Then in our readings we begin to hear of these other kings, son and grandsons of Solomon ruling Judah, and others ruling Israel. Many of these were worse than the one before and only a few would turn unto God, seeking to follow God’s ways.

Here’s a link to a chart showing all the kings of Judah and Israel.

Moral to all this story seems to be follow God’s ways and you’ll be blessed. Follow all your desires, all your ways and disaster could come upon you and even the children of your children.

I think I’ll strive to follow God’s ways, but I know that I often fail and follow mine own. Lord, forgive me and call me back to following thee. Amen.

Reading Day 26 – 1st Kings 16:21 – 2nd Kings 4:37

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