Devotion Day 21, through the Bible in 90 Days

Reading Day 21 – 1st Samuel 16:1 – 28:19 – Today we get to hear all about King David’s rise to be king and the fall of Saul as King. I’m really glad this set of readings begins and ends where it does because in one sitting we really get to know David, who will become king.

First we have his being anointed with oil and God’s Spirit. He’s the youngest and the least of all his brothers and his family belongs to the smallest clan – Benjamin. Yet, God sets David apart and gives him his Spirit to guide him.

In 16:7 we hear God saying to Samuel; “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him (Eliab – the oldest son of Jesse). The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” Something for all of us to remember, don’t judge someone by their looks, strive to look into their heart.

Then there was the account of David and Goliath. With the skills of a shepherd boy and with God guiding him, David was able to take down the mighty Goliath with one stone thrown from his sling shot. No armor. No fancy weapon. Only a small boy with one little sling shot and one stone.

Then we have the accounts of how David did not take Saul’s life, even when the opportunity was there, for Saul was his king. Even though Saul was doing everything possible to take David’s life, David wouldn’t take Saul’s life. He had a couple of really good opportunities. David showed the depth of his character and refused to do that which most of us would have done.

We often think we’re not good enough, big enough, have enough talents, abilities or gifts. My friends this is exactly what God may be looking for, because then when God does great things, God will get the credit. When I do something because of the gifts I have, many people give me a pat on the back. When I see I’ve done something that on my own I could never do, God gets all the credit.

So, God calls a young, small shepherd boy to be King. May God get all the credit for the great things that will come through this one named David. The rest of the story that we’re working up to is that through David’s family line will come Jesus.

O God, may I never doubt the great things you can do through me or through others. You are the great I am, who can do all that needs to be done. May I trust in you and seek to be your instrument. Amen.

Reading Day 22 – 1st Samuel 28:20 – 2nd Samuel 12:10

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