Day 16, Reading through the Bible in 90 days

Day 16 Joshua 1:1 – 14:15 – It’s always interesting to me that the Israelites journey begins by crossing the Red Sea on dry ground and their journey ends with them entering the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by cross the Jordan River on dry ground.

Joshua is now at the helm and is the one who is to listen to God and help the people obey all God’s commands. It is he that is told that the people are to enter the land and take the land by force. Once again he and all the people are reminded to listen unto God and obey all God’s commands, for if they do things will go well for them and if not things will not go well with them.

Something else that’s interesting to me is the different people who enter and rise up in the story of God’s people. In our reading today, a prostitute becomes one of the heroes of faith. She hides the two spies up on her roof and helps them escape to go and tell Joshua what they have seen. In return she and her family will be spared, given life. What a marvelous part of the story of God’s people.

I’m always troubled when I read that all the men, women and children were violently killed as God had commanded them as the Israelites conquered such towns as Jericho, Ai and many others. It reminds me of the pictures during the Vietnam war when children were killed in one of the villages in Vietnam. It also reminds me of the conquest of the west, as the United States heard the call to “go west young man, go west”.

In all of our histories as a nation, as a people, as a family there are things we’re proud of and things we’d like to forget. It’s good that both are recorded in God’s word for both remind us of God’s call for us to be holy and follow his commands, his word.

O Lord, as we continue to read your word, help us as we encounter parts we don’t really care for, parts that we don’t really understand and then help us hear clearly today your word for us today. Amen.

Readings Day 17; Joshua 15:1 – Judges 3:27

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