Day 11 devotion, Through the Bible in 90 Days

Day 11 – Numbers 8:15 – Numbers 21:7

What strikes me in our readings today from Numbers and the readings about the wilderness wanderings of God’s people is the number of times we hear the people saying; “If only we had died in Egypt! Or the desert! Why is the Lord bringing us to this land only to let us fall by the sword?” (Numbers 14:2b & 3a) Or something very similar.

Then I’m reminded of the many times that things got tough and I’d think to myself; “if only Phyllis and I had decided to stay in Colorado. ….” But that’s not where God wanted me and dying in Egypt was not what God wanted for his people. All those who were twenty and older when they began their journey would die getting to the Promised Land, but the next generation would receive what God had promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jocob.

I believe we as a nation and we as people have some tough times ahead of us. It’s going to take some major changes by all of us, to face the difficulties before us as people and as a nation. It’s not going to be easy; the going is to be rough for a while. But this I know, God is for us and with us and can help us whenever we face difficulties. So, let’s put our hope in God who is the promise maker and promise keeper. God didn’t promise a rose garden life always (well maybe he did for the rough spots of life might just be the thorns of the rose bushes), but God did promise to be with us always. Thanks be to God who makes and keeps his promises.

O Lord, we are a lot like your people in the wilderness for we find it difficult to trust you always. I give thanks that you hear our cries for help and do help us through our wilderness wanderings. Raise up leaders who will help guide our nation into a new day. Amen.

Outline of Numbers 8:15 – Numbers 21:7

8:15-26 – Setting Apart of the Levites (cont.)

9 – Passover

10:1-10 – The Silver Trumpets

10:11-36 – The Israelites Leave Sinai

11:1-3 – Fire from the Lord

11:4-35 – Quail From the Lord

12 – Miriam and Aaron Oppose Moses

13:1-25 – Exploring Canaan

13:26-33 – Report on Exploration

14 – The People Rebel

15:1-21 – Supplementary Offering

15:22-31 – Offering for Unintentional Sins

15:32-36 – The Sabbath-Breaker Put to Death (Stoned to Death

15:37-41 – Tassels on Garments

16 – Korah, Dathan and Abram

17 – The Budding of Aaron’s Staff

18:1-7 – Duties of Priests and Levites

18:8-32 – Offering for Priests and Levites

19 – Water of Cleansing

20:1-13 – Water from the Rock

20:14-21 – Edom Denies Israel Passage

20:22-29 – The Death of Aaron

21:1-3 – Arad Destroyed

21:4-9 – The Bronze Snake

Day 12 readings – Numbers 21:8-Numbers 32:19

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