Day 7 & 8 Devotion, 90 Days through the Bible

Today, you’ll be getting the outline of the readings for Day 7 and Day 8. I’m going to be working on a system to get Sunday’s readings and devotion out to you on Saturday night. There will be times I don’t get anything out, given things going on in my life. When I see this coming I’ll send the next couple of days of what we’ll be reading to you, so that you can keep up.

I would like to hear if you are finding the outline helpful, interesting or not helpful at all. Just drop me a note. Thanks.

From the readings of Day 7 and Day 8, I’m amazed at the details that went into everything. Here they are in the Wilderness and they’ll construct the Temple of Meeting and Holy of Holies. Then there is the details on the sacrifices to be offered. Each has its own special purpose, the cleansing of the people of their sin and making them holy before the Lord.

When I’ve read Leviticus or other portions of the Old Testament that describe the sacrificial offering made, I’m amazed at the amount of blood shed and offerings given. All this makes me very appreciative of God’s sending His Son to answer all these regulations once and for all, by offering up his own life, his own blood for all our sins. In Christ we have the Fellowship Offering, the Sin Offering, The Guilt Offering (not for his sins but for all of ours). Thanks be to God.

Today, give thanks that Jesus the Christ took care of the need for all these offerings, and that through His sacrifice all our sins are forgiven and we are given new life. (That’s really rushing into all that the New Testament is about, but its where I end up thinking about today.)

Here’s the outline for the readings for days 7 & 8.

Blessings on all of us who are reading God’s Word through in 90 Days.

O God, open me up to a deeper understanding of Your word and Your ways. Through them may I hear Your call for all of us to be in relationship with thee. Amen.

Day 7 readings – Exodus 29:1-Exodus 40:38

29 – Consecration of the Priests

30:1-10 – The Altar of Incense

30:11-16 – Atonement Money

30:17-21 – Basin for Washing

30:22-33 – Anointing Oil

30:34-38 – Incense

31:1-11 – Bezalel and Oholiab – craftmen gifted by God.

31:12-18 – The Sabbath

32:1-33:6 – The Golden Calf

33:7-11 – The Tent of Meeting

33:12-23 – Moses and the Glory of the Lord

34:1-28 – The New Stone Tablets

34:29-35 – The Radiant Face of Moses

35:1-3 – Sabbath Regulations

35:4-29 – Materials for the Tabernacle

35:30-36:7 – Bezalel and Oholiab

36:8-38 – The Tabernacle

37:1-9 – The Ark

37:10-16 – The Table

37:17-24 – The Lampstand

37:25-29 – The Altar of Incense

38:1-8 – the altar of Burnt Offerings

38:9-20 – The Courtyard

38:21-31 – The Materials Used

39:1 – The Priestly Garments

39:2-7 – The Ephod

39:8-21 – The Breastpiece

39:22-31 – Other Priestly Garments

39:32-43 – Moses Inspects the Tabernacle

40:1-33 – Setting up the Tabernacle (the first time)

40:34-38 – The Glory of the Lord

Day 8 Readings: Leviticus 1:1 – 14:32

1 – The Burnt Offering

2 – The Grain Offering

3 – The Fellowship Offering

4:1-5:13 – The Sin Offering

5:14-6:7 – The Guilt Offering

Further Explanation of Each Offering

6:8 -13 – The Burnt Offering

6:14-23 – the Grain Offering

6:24-30 – The Sin Offering

7:1-10 – The Guilt Offering

7:11-21 – The Fellowship Offering

7:22-27 – Eating Fat and Blood Forbidden

7:28-38 – The Priests’ Share

8 – The Ordination of Aaron and His Sons

9 – The Priests Begin Their Ministry

10 – The Death of Nadab and Abihu (for not following God’s orders)

11 – Clean and Unclean Food

12 – Purification after Childbirth

13 – Regulations about Infectious Diseases

14 – Cleansing from Infectious Diseases

Day 9 Readings Leviticus 14:33-26:26

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