Day 4 devotion, Bible in 90 days

Day 4 – Genesis 40:12-50:26 (rest of Genesis)

Thought that jumps out to me from today’s reading. “You (Joseph’s brothers) intended to harm me (Joseph), but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

In our reading today we see God’s timing of things. First there is the Baker who didn’t immediately tell what Joseph had done for him, but then two years later when he heard that the Pharaoh had been having dreams he told and Joseph was sent for.

I am amazed with Joseph’s ability to set aside his anger at his brothers. Yet he did just this, because he saw God’s hand in all of it and God’s will to provide for his people during this time of draught.

In your life, when can you recall sensing God’s hand upon you and truly guiding you? What where the circumstances?

One of my times is when God called me to be pastor here at Forsyth Community Presbyterian Church. Once I got here I could see how God wanted a pastor for the church and for the community and how I was being called to do just that. I continue to give thanks for God’s hand that was in my call now over ten years ago and how God continues to use me today.

Thanks be to God. Amen.

40:12-23 – Royal Cupbearer and the Baker (cont.) – Notice Royal Cupbearer did not remember to tell Pharaoh about how Joseph interpreted the dreams.

41:1-13 – Pharaoh’s Dreams –  seven fat cattle, seven lean and seven heads of grain and seven thin and dry heads of grain.

41:14-40 – Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams thanks to the Royal Cupbearer remembering what Joseph had done.

41:41-57 – Joseph becomes second in command in all of Egypt to the Pharaoh.

42 – Joseph’s brothers minus Benjamin make their first trip to Egypt to get food.

43 – Second journey by Joseph’s brothers to Egypt to get food, this time with Benjamin accompanying them.

44 – Silver Cup slipped into Benjamin’s sack; trickery by Joseph.

45 – Joseph makes himself known to his brothers

46:1-7 – Jacob goes to Egypt – full family reunion of all Joseph’s family.

46:8-27 – Names of Israelites who went to Egypt – seventy in all.

46:28-47:31 – Arrival and getting settled in land of Goshen.

48 – Manasseh and Ephraim and how Ephraim got the blessing before and above his older brother. Jacob’s will.

49:1-28 – Jacob Blesses His Sons – reveals what is to become of their family.

49:29-50:14 – Death of Jacob and his burial with his ancestors.

50:15-21 – Joseph reassures His Brothers that he won’t repay them for what they did to him.

50:22-26 – Death of Joseph.

Day 5 – on into the book of Exodus; Exodus 1:1 – 15:18

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